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The GOODNESS GAMES is a 17-day program designed to encourage people of all ages to “rock the world with goodness!” The program features 17 different kinds of acts of goodness, and you can start at any time! You can do these acts of goodness by yourself, or invite others to join with you! You might want to do the acts of goodness in the order listed, do them in a different order, add other acts of goodness, or however you feel led! You may want to do the GOODNESS GAMES program several times during the year, with a different group in mind each time – for example, you might want to do acts of kindness for a group such as senior citizens, children, teenagers, first responders, educators, and so on every time you do the program!

* Day 1: GIVE. Give or share what you can with others, such as time, finances, food, clothing, and talents!
* Day 2: RECEIVE. Be willing to receive what others freely give to you, such as gifts, assistance, apologies, words of encouragement, and more!
* Day 3: LEARN. Ask questions, observe, listen, and increase your understanding of people and the world! Learn how to do or make something new!
* Day 4: INSTRUCT. Teach others what you know, or know how to do. Share your insights and knowledge to make the world a better place!
* Day 5: APPRECIATE. Recognize and appreciate the value of others, and the gifts that they are to the world! Be thankful for all of the blessings in your life!
* Day 6: REJOICE AND CELEBRATE. Celebrate large and small victories, steps of progress, and happy things and events! Focus on the positive!
* Day 7: FORGIVE. Release and be released from painful situations and memories.
* Day 8: BUILD AND ENCOURAGE. Build others up instead of tearing them down; encourage instead of criticize. Find practical ways to help others — including yourself — achieve their goals and destinies!
* Day 9: REST AND BE PATIENT. Trust in the Lord, and He will take care of the things that concern you. Give people and situations time to develop and shine!
* Day 10: SING AND DANCE AND MAKE ART. Find creative ways to be expressive and share your ideas with the world!
* Day 11: INSPIRE. Be a role model and inspire others to achieve their goals and destinies!
* Day 12: LEAD AND SERVE. We are all called to lead in certain areas of life. How can you best serve the needs of those you are leading?
* Day 13: PLAY. Take time to enjoy life, use your imagination, and have fun!
* Day 14: PERSIST. Persistence and determination lead to success! Keep moving forward! ¡Ándale!
* Day 15: PRAY. Talk with the Lord! Bring your concerns to the Lord, and ask for His insight and guidance!
* Day 16: DO AN ACT OF GOODNESS: YOUR CHOICE. The world needs more goodness. What can you do to make the world a better place?
* Day 17: R.A.P. (REVIEW AND PLAN). Hold a R.A.P. session/party! Review/ recall the different acts of goodness that you have done, and Plan more acts of goodness to do in the future!


The GOODNESS GAMES is a great way to encourage people of all ages to do acts of goodness on a regular basis! You can download a simplified daily schedule, checklist of activities, bingo-style chart, and decorating/ coloring book to help guide your participation in the GOODNESS GAMES!