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Here are some simple acts of goodness that you can do any time of the year!


Take a glove or mitten, then fill it with small gifts and give it to someone who needs a little tender, loving care! You may want to fill it with wrapped snacks like protein bars or cheese-and-crackers, candy, toys, a deck of cards, jewelry, dollar bills or coins, gift cards, trinkets, and more! You might also want to include a typed or written “gift certificate” for an act of service that you are willing to do, such as mowing a lawn, washing a car, or babysitting for a day/evening! Be creative!


This idea is similar to “Fill A Glove with Love,” just on a larger scale! Find a tote bag or large bag, and fill it with all kinds of good things, then give it to a person, family, or organization whom you feel led to bless! You may want to include a variety of items, or perhaps focus on a particular theme such as:
* Food items – dry and canned goods are great, and can last for a while!
* Linens – towels, washcloths, sheets, pillowcases, and more!
* Baby items – diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, and so on!
* New and gently used clothing
* Sports equipment – balls, nets, plastic cones, jump ropes, resistance bands, etc.
You can buy new items, or look through your home, kitchen, and garage for unused and gently used items that may benefit others! Give what you can!