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Here are 31 ways that you can rock the world with goodness! You can start doing these acts of goodness during any time of any month, do them in any order, add or modify ideas, or do acts of goodness however you feel led! The main idea is to do acts of goodness on a regular basis!

You might also want to focus on doing acts of goodness for particular groups throughout the year, or invite someone from each particular group to do acts of goodness with you for a month! Here’s a sample schedule:
January: senior citizens
February: children
March: teenagers
April: first responders
May: plumbers, electricians, and engineers
June: educators
July: pastors and ministers
August: parents
September: medical and health professionals
October: friends and family
November: your choice!
December: your choice!

DAY 1: Smile!
DAY 2: Say “thank you.” Express your appreciation!
DAY 3: Say “please.” A little courtesy goes a long way!
DAY 4: Send someone an encouraging card, email, or text.
DAY 5: Volunteer to help at a local charity or organization.
DAY 6: Help a family member or friend with a daily task or special activity/project.
DAY 7: Be a blessing to your neighbor – help them however you can!
DAY 8: Teach someone about an interesting topic, or how to do something – particularly consider spending time with the younger generation and sharing your knowledge with a child or teenager!
DAY 9: Make a positive difference in the life of a senior citizen – help them with a project, listen to their stories and memories, or do whatever is meaningful to them!
DAY 10: Make your neighborhood/community a little neater – pick up trash, return misplaced shopping carts to the right area, etc.
DAY 11: Give unused or gently used items from your home to someone who needs or would appreciate them.
DAY 12: Spend time listening to a loved one or someone else who needs to be heard.
DAY 13: Exercise – keeping yourself in good shape is a gift to those who care about you!
DAY 14: Make a nutritious meal – again, keeping yourself and your family healthy is a gift to many!
DAY 15: What are you good at doing? Contribute some of your time and talent to someone who would appreciate your skills! For example, if you are good at building things, perhaps you can contribute a few hours of your time at a local nonprofit organization, church, etc.
DAY 16: Learn something new – keeping your mind in active shape is a benefit to yourself and others!
DAY 17: Think of someone or something that you admire, then express your admiration to that person or to the person(s) who created the thing that you admire!
DAY 18: Take time to play! You can play with building blocks, watch a movie, take a hike, and more! Playing is good for your heart and mind!
DAY 19: Think about someone you know who has lost a loved one during the past year, then send them a card, email, text, etc. to let them know that you’re thinking about them!
DAY 20: Be good to yourself! Spend some time doing an activity that you enjoy!
DAY 21: Think and talk all day/night about all the good things that are happening in the world! Focus on the positive!
DAY 22: Spend time with the Lord!
DAY 23: Think about something that would make the world a better place, then take a step and make progress in that direction! For example, maybe reducing poverty in the world is on your heart – what is a small step you can take to make progress toward that goal?
DAY 24: Get a good night’s rest and/or take a nap.
DAY 25: Do something creative – make a piece of art, sing a song, bake cookies, and more! If you feel led, share what you created and bless someone else in the process!
DAY 26: Be a role model today in some area of your life. Be extra-polite and kind, go the extra mile at work or home, or become more knowledgeable about a topic or skill that you already know something about – whatever you choose to focus on, be excellent at it today!
DAY 27: Think about a business or organization that you appreciate, then find a way to be a blessing to them – you may want to buy a product or service from them, send them a note of appreciation, write a positive review for them online, and more!
DAY 28: Think about the first responders in your area: police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and so on. How can you be a blessing to them? You may want to write notes of appreciation, bring wrapped treats to a local station, and more!
DAY 29: Celebrate! Congratulate people you know for any successes or steps of progress they have experienced – maybe someone you know just got a job promotion, remained on a healthy eating plan during the holidays, and more! Look for victories of all kinds!
DAY 30: Practice forgiveness and make amends. If there is anyone that you need to forgive or apologize to, now might be a great time to do that. And remember, sometimes the person we most need to apologize to and forgive is our own self!
DAY 31: Plan more acts of goodness to do in the future! What acts of goodness are you excited about doing?