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GOODNESS (noun): quality or state of being good; virtue; character; kindness; generosity; beneficence; benevolence

GOODNESS ROCKS! encourages people of all ages to do acts of goodness on a regular basis – or as we like to say, to “rock the world with goodness!” Our cornerstone program is the 17-day “Goodness Games” program, which highlights 17 different kinds of acts of goodness that you can do throughout the year at any time! You can also follow our “31 Days of Goodness” schedule and do an act of goodness (or more!) every day for a month during these challenging times! And keep an eye open for our “Be-e Good” program, which highlights a myriad of ways that you can be good to the Lord, yourself, and your community! LET’S ROCK THE WORLD WITH GOODNESS!

Click here to explore our Goodness Rocks channel on YouTube! Then click on the PLAYLISTS tab to view our “Goodness Games” and “Goodness Games for Kids” videos!

Also, click here to explore our companion organization and website, Jump into the Arts, which encourages people to “do the art that’s in their heart!”